When I make the transfer of the previous car, it took advantage of a used car purchase art. It is possible to buy to sell the car at the same time that it is trade, I think that they will be able to save time and effort, beginning, I was thinking of whether Jaou choose the trade-in. But, where you were asked to assess in the dealer, I think I did not Could have only dipped cheaper price than I thought. So was going to Ateyo cost for a new car purchase, I have come very disappointed. So, I decided to get an assessment in used car purchase skilled in the trial. When asked to assess and around the Number of ratings skilled in the art, in a high place to me with a even higher prices more than 200,000 yen than the trade-in, I was very surprised. After all, trade is canceled, it was decided to request the purchase to skilled in the art that was me with the most high. If you take a look at the net later, but I was a common sense thing towards the purchase is that it deals than the trade-in. Due to Could have bought a car at a high price, it is possible to lighten the financial burden of the new car purchase, I think really pleased. We believe that trying to mini if ??you buy a car now Landscape of car Recently I have a mini in one of the car to see well and is driving through the city, I think the style of older Mini Cooper I was also good but I mini also quite cool of recent stylish feel. Presence, such as a mini at a glance are the impact of much unchanged from the days of old to, say what color ring will not think it's lovely, such as impression of the car in a variety prepared in have you so very stylish. The riding mainly I think or not it such the woman, but this car is I've been wondering whether not it great automobile men ride without any discomfort also ride. Although I'm wanted to or try to buy the mini to the next car is resting now, but it'm such a place called has been prepared properly even manual good place of the mini. After all, since by operating the shift lever how much fun when you drive a car you thought to be in a place like also to operate the clutch, but if going to try to course manual if you bought a mini.

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