Terminator: Salvation

(WARNING: This review contains mild spoilers.) I remember back in high school when my friends and I “discovered” cinema after watching Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. We were so besotted by Tarantino’s pop-culture sensibilities that we grasped onto his world by attempting to write sequels to Reservoir Dogs.  (Regrettably, none were optioned by Hollywood studios.) […]

Up Review 3

Writing good movie reviews is a problem for you, isn’t it? Improve your writing skills with Robot Don text checker. Pixar’s latest entrance into the category of “Our cartoons are Better than Your Art Film” is epic in every sense of the word.  The story seems so simple and universal and yet resonates with depth.  A lonely, grumpy […]

Up Review

For years, Pixar Animation Studios has established themselves as the premier source of entertainment in the animation genre.  Rarely ever misfiring, the studio has been able to warm the hearts of fans through more than just silly sight gags and talking animals that don’t make any sense.  Now this is not to say that I […]

Up Movie Review

Well, it had to happen. After adding each of Pixar’s last four films to my personal Hall of Fame, they finally put out a movie that will not be added to my collection. Now, before I go any further, let me assure you that this is NOT a negative review.  It may only seem like […]